A Simple 4 Step Plan to Help You Complete Your CC

According to Toastmasters International sources, less than 30% or one in every three members of Toastmasters are yet to complete their Competent Communicator (CC) award.

You have joined Toastmasters for  reason so you might as well get the full benefit of the educational opportunities which the organisation provides for you.

Let me share with you a 4 step plan for completing your CC. 

#1. Put the dates in your Diary

A very simple way to do this is to open your CC manual to the contents page and with a calendar open, write next to each project the date you would like to do the project. Remember that you have paid for the manual so you can write in it with indelible ink. No pencils.

#2. Let your VP Education know your dates.

A simple email with the project number, title and date asking to book your speech slots in advance will do. If you use an online meeting planner like easy speak, then log in and book your speaking slots in advance.

#3. Ask for help

Somewhere along the line you may be struggling to keep up with the commitment you have set yourself. Here is where an accountability partner, a mentor or a coach can help. Find someone in your club or even outside the toastmaster world to enrol for this.

#4. No excuses

This is the most difficult part. There will be lots of reasons why you should cancel or postpone your scheduled speaking slot. Resist the temptation to call in sick or give any other excuse for not speaking. The fear of speaking in front of an audience never really goes away.

This is a simple PLAN you can use to complete your CC in any time period you choose. I completed my CC in 10 months by doing the following:
Putting the dates in my diary
Let the VPE know my dates
Asking for help
No excuses given

So where are you in your Competent Communication or Advanced Communication manual.

Use this PLAN or come up with your own PLAN.