How to Be a More Confident Speaker

When you’re first starting to get into your public speaking game, you probably compare yourself with other speakers who you believe sound more confident than you.

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Some people seem to just get up on a stage and have no doubts at all about themselves or what they’re saying. But when you speak, you may question the words you use, every trip in your speech and even whether or not the audience even understands what you’re saying.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many developing public speakers worry about their confidence level. The good news is, the more you work at it, the better you will get and the better you will feel about it. If you’re feeling a lot of tension between wanting to speak and feeling that you’re inherently not good at it, that probably just means you’re improving at a rapid pace.

Remember these tips as you try to become a more confident speaker:

Why You Should Stop Thinking And Start Doing

As someone who makes the consistent effort to publish one blog post a week, one of the biggest obstacle I have to overcome is what is described as ‘writer’s block’ . This is a condition experienced by writers wherein the flow of words is slowed down and creativity is stifled.

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Then the mind kicks in and starts to tell me how bad my writing is and how no one is leaving comments on my blog.

I can allow the mind to dictate what happens or I can simply stop thinking and start writing.

The mind seems to get in the way of everything.

So what other areas of your life have you placed barriers simply because of your thinking? Let me help you with some.