From Club Champion To District Champion – Webinar PT 2

In this webinar we will share World Class Speaking Tools that will help you craft an unforgettable speech. With these tools you will take your speaking to the next level and double your chances of winning your next contest and giving a life changing message.

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Meet your hosts: Malachi Talabi and Wole Ososami

Date: February 26, 2016
Time: 19:30-20:30 p.m
Event: From Club Champion To District Champion - Webinar PT 2
Topic: Get 21 World Class Speaking Tools To Help You Go From Contest Novice To District Champion
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Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone

The most insidious of all fears is the fear of success. While we may not admit it to ourselves, we all have a propensity to shrink back and remain within our comfort zone. And so we are never the best we can be.

Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone

My challenge to you as a speaker and leader is to dare to go beyond what you are comfortable with and discover what you are capable of. I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find yourself doing.

You gain strength, courage and confidence every time you do something you have never done before.

How Toastmasters Can Make You a More Confident Speaker

Every year around June when the Toastmaster year comes to an end, there is usually a rush to complete the CC manual. This is because this brings the club DCP points.  And for most members, the educational journey ends here.

Yet going by the educational track of Toastmasters, your CC puts you at the top of the bottom quadrant.

More than CC

Speaking, like walking and even breathing, is a basic human skill, yet many of us are trapped in a silent prison, unable to connect with the world. – George Yen

George Yen, Toastmasters Int'l President 2013-14

How to Be a More Confident Speaker

When you’re first starting to get into your public speaking game, you probably compare yourself with other speakers who you believe sound more confident than you.

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Some people seem to just get up on a stage and have no doubts at all about themselves or what they’re saying. But when you speak, you may question the words you use, every trip in your speech and even whether or not the audience even understands what you’re saying.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many developing public speakers worry about their confidence level. The good news is, the more you work at it, the better you will get and the better you will feel about it. If you’re feeling a lot of tension between wanting to speak and feeling that you’re inherently not good at it, that probably just means you’re improving at a rapid pace.

Remember these tips as you try to become a more confident speaker:

Why You Should Get Better At Public Speaking

I am intentional about using the word “get better” in the title of this blog so that I can get your attention if you consider yourself to be a good speaker. There is always room for improvement. And if you haven’t spoken to an audience of more than 5 (just an arbitrary number), it’s time to prepare yourself for the opportunity that could come your way.

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What is public Speaking?

For me, public speaking is what you do when you stand in front of an audience to communicate your message or idea. There is usually some formality to the occasion and there is some intentionality to the presentation. So you are engaged in public speaking if you are:

  • Giving a best man’s speech or any speech at a wedding
  • Giving a presentation at work
  • Preaching a sermon
  • Delivering a lecture, seminar or workshop
  • Giving a sales presentation to a group of buyers
  • Giving a talk to a group of people to inspire, influence, motivate or persuade them to your cause.

Why should you stand up and speak?

7 Things That Will Make Your Next Speech or Presentation Better

Have you ever listened to a speech or presentation and at the end you struggled to remember what was said or why you attended the event in the first place? I have. Maybe you have been the presenter that left your audience asking themselves why they bothered to turn up. I have.

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In todays fast changing world, one of the demands of your audience as you speak and make presentations is that you give them something to remember and something to make their lives better.

Speaking is a means of communicating a message. Messages that are remembered always have something that resonates with the listener and something that brings a challenge to change.

Even when your speech is to inform or to entertain, it will make a difference to your audience if your message carries with it the seed of life change. How do you do this?