Your Candidate For District 91 Division K Director 2016 / 2017

Meet Wole Ososami ACG ALB

Welcome to my campaign page for Toastmasters International District 91 Division K director for the year 2016/2017.

Wole Ososami ACG, ALB

Wole Ososami ACG, ALB

Let me tell you my three goals for division k:

#1. Promote Sharing of best practices across areas

The sharing of best practices amongst areas will help members in the division achieve their leadership and communication goals.

This will also be a fulfilment of the district mission of supporting all clubs in achieving excellence.

#2. Provide strong support for New Club planning

I have been involved a new club sponsor and my experience with this has thought me that for new clubs to be successful in chartering, there needs to be a strong backing of the area and division director.

#3. Coach area directors through the Distinguished Area Program

For three consecutive years as a member of Speakers of Croydon committee, I played my part in helping the club achieve Presidents Distinguished Club.

Distinguished clubs lead to Distinguished Areas which lead to Distinguished Divisions which lead to Distinguished Districts.

How will I achieve the above three?

#1. Quarterly email communication with area directors

I will be asking my area directors to simply email me what they have observed that is working well in the clubs they have visited.

I will then assemble this information and include it in a quarterly email communication to my area directors.

We will also dedicate time during the division council meeting for the sharing of best practices.

#2. Asking questions

I am committing myself to asking my area directors on a regular basis the question, “How can I help you with new club planning?” This simple question will keep the issues of new clubs on our agenda at the division council meeting.

Should the area wish to run a SpeechCraft program, I have the relevant experience having been actively involved in running 4 such successfull speechcraft workshops in the last three year

#3. Clarifying goals

With coaching, I will help my area directors unlock their potential by coming up with:

  • Clear goals
  • Clear priorities
  • Clear course of action

My Toastmasters Credentials

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